Leak delays swimming federation’s return to Antigua Athletic Club pool

The 25-meter pool located at the Antigua Athletic Club is in need of repair on account of an apparent leak.
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By Neto Baptiste

An agreement between Cricket West Indies (CWI) and the Antigua and Barbuda Swimming Federation (ABSF) that would have allowed the latter to utilise the 25-meter pool located at the Antigua Athletic Club, has been delayed due to a leak in the pool.

This is according to CEO for Cricket West Indies, Johnny Grave, who said they are working with the swimming federation in an effort to have the issue resolved.

“There was a leak, a significant leak discovered in the pool so we’ve got an understanding of the work that needs to be completed and a quote, and we are in discussions with the swimming federation about how quickly we can repair the pool and how quickly we can get it back to being operational,” he said. 

Reports are that the swimming federation had intended to resume using the facility in May after the business announced in April that it would close its doors due to financial hardships brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following an assessment of the pool it was however discovered that it was losing a significant amount of water due to a leak.

Grave said the main focus is to have the entire facility back up and running in the shortest time possible.

“Our intention is to work with them in order to get the repair work done as quickly as we can, and then get the pool reopened, subject obviously to Covid regulations and everything else. It’s part of a wider redevelopment that we’re looking to do where we are looking to enhance, upgrade and invest in all the facilities at the ground including the gym. The short-term plan is to make sure that the swimming pool as I said, subject to Covid [stipulations] and repair work happening, in partnership with the swimming federation is opened to swimmers in Antigua, and that’s our short-term plan,” he said.

The Antigua Athletic Club was originally owned by disgraced investor, R. Allen Stanford.

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