Leadership body urges women to ‘be bold’

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(Left to right) Krystal Clyne—Grenada, Paula Watson-Popo—St Lucia, Jewel Greene-George—Tobago, Judith Wedderburn, Lady A Anande Trotman-Joseph, Nana Oye Hesse-Bayne, UnaMay Gordon, Calisha Spencer—Antigua and Barbuda, Charlene Paul—Bahamas, and Makini Barrow—St Vincent and the Grenadines (Photo provided by CIWil)
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By Robert A. Emmanuel

[email protected]

‘Shatter the glass ceiling’ and ‘be bold’. Those were the messages from Calisha Spencer, President of the Caribbean Women in Leadership, Antigua and Barbuda Chapter (CIWiL-AB).

CIWiL is a regional organisation committed to advancing transformational leadership and increasing the number of women in leadership and decision-making roles, whether in political or civic life in the Caribbean.

Spencer, who is currently representing Antigua and Barbuda at the Caribbean Women in Leadership regional meeting underway in Trinidad and Tobago, spoke to Observer yesterday about the meeting.

“So [yesterday], we spoke about financial strategies, and as a regional NGO, how will we continue to raise funds, build capacity for the organisation and build partnerships,” she stated.

According to Spencer, today will serve as a debriefing meeting for the group.

She also noted the work that her chapter here in Antigua and Barbuda has done, which she has shared with her regional counterparts.

According to Spencer, CIWil-AB had, in partnership with local design and project management firm CJC and Associates, offered project management scholarships and a training seminar for young women in political and leadership spaces.

As the youngest chapter president and board member in the region, Spencer said that she was “honoured” to be able to serve as a young woman in leadership and a “legacy for Antigua and Barbuda”.

She also noted the fear that some young women have in striving for leadership positions, but she encouraged them to believe in themselves.

The regional board meeting was convened to discuss matters such as CIWiL’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2026, regional developments, gender issues in the Caribbean requiring women’s leadership, and the organisational constitution.

The CIWiL regional meeting ends on November 30.

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