Lawmen threaten to arrest an attorney and his client for allegedly obstructing justice

Prominent attorney and former police commissioner, Wendel Robinson (Social media photo)
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The police have threatened to arrest and charge attorney Wendel Robinson and one of his clients, whom they claim are obstructing their investigation into a criminal matter.

Robinson, a former commissioner of police, is representing a woman involved in a cybercrime investigation.

He said his client was taken into custody and her premises and phone were legally searched. His client was also discharged.

“They had my client in custody. They told my client that they can get the information off the phone so they don’t need her any further,” he said.

But Robinson explained that days after his client was discharged from the station, she was called back to assist the police in getting information off the phone.

“I said to the police that they needed to get a proper search warrant again to search the phone because they were of the view that they could have gotten into the phone and one doesn’t know what they did with the phone or how they tampered with it.”

According to the letter obtained by Observer media and signed by Assistant Superintendent of Police Cordell Ogarro, Robinson and his client were given until 11 am today to make themselves available at the Regional Cyber Lab.

Both parties were instructed to bring along the cellphone and the passwords to access its data.

The letter stated that police would not hesitate to lay necessary charges against them.

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