Law enforcement officers intercept more contraband

Customs and police discovered cannabis at Deep Water Harbour (photos courtesy STRATCOM)
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More than 120 pounds of cannabis has been seized in two separate drug operations between the police, Customs and Coast Guard, a release from the police communications arm said.

Drugs found floating at sea by the local Coast Guard

While conducting a sea patrol on August 1, the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force (ABDF) Coast Guard discovered a bale of cannabis floating off Nonsuch Bay. The substance, which weighed 100 pounds, was handed over to police for investigations.

Further, on August 5, police and Customs officers intercepted 23.5 pounds of cannabis at Deep Water Harbour. The illegal substance was found among children’s clothing coming out of California, and was also taken to the Police Headquarters for further investigations.

They are the latest seizures of large quantities of cannabis in recent weeks.

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