Law enforcement in search of escaped inmate

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Members of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda and Antigua and Barbuda Defense Force are in search of remanded inmate Asquith Greene, who escaped custody on August 1 from Her Majesty’s Prison Covid19 quarantine facility at Crabbs.

This allegedly occurred when inmates were released from their cells to have breakfast. 

The Ministry of Legal Affairs said in a statement that Greene then made a run and scaled the perimeter fence and ran off into the bushes.

Last report as of August 2 indicated that Greene was last spotted on the main road leading to Parham from Crabbs Peninsula.

“He is still at large while the manhunt continues”, the statement read.
The escaped prisoner is five feet 11 inches tall, dark in complexion and weights 150 lbs.

He has a low afro haircut with a significant portion of his hair shaved off on the left rear of his head with an exposed wound.
Anyone knowing of his whereabouts or last known location should contact the RPFAB or Her Majesty’s Prison Administration at 462-0125 or 4620503.

Twenty-three-year-old Kenisha Fenton, and 22-year-old Asquith Greene

Greene was remanded to prison on Friday after being charged, along with his girlfriend, with breaking and entering into a store on lower All Saints Road last week.

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