Late goal keep Blackhawks afloat


A late strike from Clarence Marsh secured a nail-biting victory for Liberta Blackhawks on Tuesday as they continue to lead the Football Association’s First Division competition with eight matches remaining.

Playing at the Pigotts community field, Marsh’s goal came in the final 10 minutes to lift Liberta to their 11th victory in 14 showings and 34 points at the top of the standings. They are six points ahead of second placed Harney Motors Tryum on 28 with a game in hard.

Captain of the Liberta Blackhawks Astel Joseph said it was a difficult match but anticipates the competition will intensify even further.

“It’s getting harder by game because teams want points and we want them as well. So, it is getting harder, but we have it physically. We are there mentally and we have the coaching staff and the physiotherapy staff and the entire Liberta Sports Club behind us, and we want it more than anybody else,” he said.

The loss was Villa’s fifth in 13 matches as they remain on 12 points and third from bottom in the 10th position on standings.

Also on Tuesday, Lion Hill enjoyed a 1-0 victory over Potters Tigers when they met at Golden Grove.

Cassiano Samuel scored the lone goal of the contest to push Lion Hill onto 17 points as they sit at mid-table.

Executive member and former player Myron “Percy” Phillip, believes that despite the team’s average run this year that they have under-achieved due to a lack of discipline.

“I always talk about discipline and that it has a very important play in anything that you do. When I say discipline, I don’t (only) mean being rude on the field but in practice and going out and doing what you are taught, and that is the problem with our team,” he said.

“I believe that the team we have is a very good team and we can go out there and play beat anybody (on) any given day,” Phillip added.

Potters remain in the fourth position with 20 points on the standings after 13 showings.