Large quantity of narcotics found during search at secondary school

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By Leon Norville
[email protected]

Earlier this week police officials were summoned to Pares Secondary School to conduct a search for narcotics after suspicions were raised by school officials.

Police confirmed that following the search on the school’s premises, a large quantity of cannabis and cannabis infused products, molly and ecstasy, was found in the possession of students.

Investigations are currently underway to find out where exactly the students sourced the illegal narcotics.

The police confirmed that none of the students have been charged because they are minors. The Education Ministry is however conducting its own investigations.

Director of Education Clare Browne indicated he was not going to speak on the situation when our newsroom reached out for comment.

A picture of the search made its way onto social media and was the centre of harsh criticism by the public.

 Students were seen standing around, and some kneeling, with their hands behind their heads while a police officer carried out a search in a classroom.

Questions were asked if the police were using excessive force, however, police confirmed that what may have appeared to the public as an uncomfortable position for the students is standard procedure for police searches.

The hands of individuals being searched are to be always visible to ensure they are not concealing anything.

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