Large Golf Contingent Named For Z Cup

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A large 30-member golf team has been named to represent Antigua and Barbuda in the fourth instalment of the Z Cup tournament slated for Saturday and Sunday here at the Cedar Valley Golf Course.
The team will be led by captain, Tunka Williams and vice captain Manfred Schweizer.
The other members of the team are Wilston Charles, Dion Massiah, Stuart Gordon, Zorol Barthley, Patrick Ryan, Navin Singh, Ceri Mort, Errol Hodge, Claudio Irurriaga, Mike Pigott, Leon “Kuma” Rodney, Daniel Cadet, Byron Andrew, Tony Edwards, Hilroy Humphreys, Sir Viv Richards and Denis Roach.
Rounding off the selections are Andy Hall, David Kinnell, Stanley Yang, Dwayne Hill, Kris Karmajian, Kaseba Silcott, Murray Pigott, Eldine Baptiste, Antoine Brown, Pedro Corbin and Xavier Ross.
Williams explained the rational for such a large contingent.
“The philosophy behind the event from day one was to encourage full participation amongst the golfing fraternity so basically we opened it up to anybody who could swing a good club and wanted to be part of the process and what we did is, eventually we had a grouping, we selected a team from the grouping. We never had a selection process to say you had to be eliminated to come in, you’re invited to come in so that was our selection process where we invited members to be a part of it,” he said. 
Players will be paired for the team event as Antigua and Barbuda seek to dethrone defending champions, St. Kitts.
Schweizer said this year’s team is the most competitive he’s seen in years.
“The team camaraderie but also the competition against St. Kitts is so fierce and it is unbelievable that you could have these two countries which are only 40 miles apart but we want to outdo each other every time on the golf course. I think the Kittians will come over here but this time around I think we have a loaded team. If we go back to all the players we’ve used before, we’ve really got a tough team and we have a tough course out there which is nice and green after all these months of drought,” he said.
Competition on both days is slated to start at 1:00 p.m.

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