Larceny case dismissed against fireman accused of stealing from burning XPZ store

Fire officer Glenroy Weekes (in green hat) at St John’s Magistrates’ Court in early June
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By Latrishka Thomas

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A representative of the XPZ Supermarket yesterday told the court that he did not wish to proceed with legal action against fire officer Glenroy Weekes – who was accused of stealing from the store while it burned to the ground – but that he just wants the items back.

The complainant, who is said to be one of the owners of the once popular Chinese-owned supermarket, spoke through a translator and said that he came to that decision of his own free will.

The prosecution chose not to offer any further evidence in the matter and Magistrate Conliffe Clarke subsequently dismissed the charge of larceny.

Weekes, a senior police officer, was accused of stealing a large sum of money from the supermarket located on Sir Sydney Walling Highway, which was gutted by fire in the early hours of June 1.

A day after the blaze, Weekes was arrested and charged with larceny, along with the unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.

This was as a result of a report made on the day of the incident where Weekes, a fireman, was said to have stolen US$3,000 along with personal items from the supermarket while his colleagues were attempting to put out the flames which had engulfed the building.

During their investigation, the police were said to have recovered an unlicensed firearm and ammunition at the fireman’s home.

Weekes was suspended pending the determination of the charges against him.

The officer with 40 years’ service appeared in St John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday, with his legal representatives, Leon Symister and Lawrence Daniels.

Although he was set free of one charge, he was told to return to court on January 26 to answer to the charges of possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Weekes is currently out on bail having been granted temporary release in the sum of $25,000 — with a $7,500 cash component — by High Court Judge Colin Williams in mid-June.

The XPZ store opened in 2018, and sold everything from food and clothing to household items and toys.

The fire, believed to have been started deliberately, left almost 60 staff out of work.

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