Labour Dep’t investigates reports of illegal acts by businesses

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A number of businesses in Antigua and Barbuda are now under the radar of the Labour Department after reports came to light that they have made salary advances to staff, with interest.
Acting Labour Commissioner Pascal Kentish, made the revelation to OBSERVER media on Wednesday.
While Kentish did not disclose the names of the businesses, he noted that the Labour Department would not take immediate punitive action against them, but would first issue a warning to the said businesses.
“Well first, what we do, we warn persons. We guide them towards the section of the law that they are violating.”
He went on to state that although the department is obliged to give guidance, it will prosecute offending businesses if they do make the necessary corrections and adhere to the law.
“If they persist, that is when we look to prosecute, but as any prudent administrator — and we are involved in labour administration — we warn.
“So we point out to you what areas of the law you are violating and we ask for you to correct the contravention, and if you persist with the contravention, then we are free to do what the law allows us to do,” the acting labour commissioner said.

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