Krokus explains dog "eating" video [See Video]

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Burning Flames member David “Krokus” Edwards said he did not kill a dog in a video which went viral and was only joking when he said he was cooking the dog to eat it.
The videos of Edwards moving the dead dog and then later burning the dog while saying he was cooking it to eat it have enraged animal activists. Edwards uploaded the first video on Wednesday with the caption “dog is the next meal” and the next video on Thursday with the caption “curry dog and white boys”.
Some of those commenting made fun of the videos while other comments included “absolutely disgusting” and “There is something seriously wrong with you, you are a disgrace of a human being”.
Edwards spoke to Observer Media and offered this explanation:

Founder of Dogs and Cats of Antigua Joy Farrell however says she is not happy with Edwards’ explanation.

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