Kool-aid drinkers, beware

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The power of the presidency has gotten to him.  The sting of his resounding defeat has invaded his already fevered mind, and apparently, he is willing to burn down the Republic and rule the ashes. What a thing! The United States is now much like a Third World banana republic with a despot who will not bow to the wishes of the people, even it means destroying every blessed thing in the process. Who would’ve ‘thunked’ it! The supposedly great United States of America; the self-ordained world’s policeman, the bastion of democracy and the rule of law and order, brought low by an egomaniac and his thugs who cannot seem to accept that there are still people of goodwill and good sense who will not abide the hatred and venom and racism of Donald J Trump.

It was the November 3, 2020 repudiation of Trump’s revolting and narcissistic behaviour and utterances that resulted in the Joe Biden victory.  The majority of Americans looked into the future and shuddered at the thought of four more years of Trumpism, and his vile nonsense about “making America great again.” This was a man who, in his diseased mind, went about building walls rather than bridges. He cursed at anyone and everyone who did not share his sick world view. He alienated America’s allies. He called proud nations ‘s***h*** countries,’ and told people of colour to go back to the countries from whence they came. He called Latinos drug dealers and rapists and murderers. He sneered and snarled, much like a rattlesnake. It was unseemly conduct, even for him. And the kool-aid drinkers laughed and cheered.

But alas! He forgot that there was a day of reckoning a-coming! We can think of a calypso by an early Trinidadian calypsonian who sang a warning to the Mighty Sparrow, “Sparrow, some people, you might think dem strange, / Just like de weather, dey mind does change / Sparrow, don’t make yourself a clown / Dey put you up, dey could take you down!” Hmmm! It is a cautionary tale to those who are now drunk with power, cursing at everybody, belittling picketers who are doing nothing more than standing in solidarity with a bereaved family and demanding justice for a slain son, a limb of the law, a decent, upright young man who was merely doing his job. Alas! Do these tin-pot dictators not know that their day will come? Are they not students of history? Have they not seen how the high and the mighty have fallen?

 Do they not know there is no such thing as a ‘Divine right of kings,’ or President or Prime Minister For life? Do they not know, as was so gravely declared by Martin Luther King Jr. that, “The moral arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice?” Indeed! “He that hath an ear, let him hear”. . . and be guided accordingly! Even the kool-aid drinkers.

So there he is – much like a spoiled brat, throwing a temper tantrum, because the game did not go his way. Seems, he forgot his childhood lessons about playing fair and not being a sore loser. Never mind his tough talk, he revealed himself to be nothing more than a whimpering, sniveling cry-baby who could not take his licks like a man. Remember, this was the big badjohn who told the owners of football teams that they should’ve thrown ‘those kneeling sonofabitches’ out of the stadiums and off their teams. All because they chose to follow Colin Kaepernick and kneel, during the singing of the national anthem, to protest racism and inequality and police brutality in America. Turns out, the big badjohn could not take a licking, and he gathered up all his marbles and proceeded to stall the game.

These badjohns! They like to tell protesters that they are not afraid of them. They like to denigrate and curse protesters, like the pensioners, and the Barbuda people, and the port workers, and public servants and so on and so forth. They like to threaten them with firings, and dark hints at repercussions and consequences, merely for standing up (or kneeling) for that in which they believe. So sad!

Unfortunately, several hundred other Trump kool-aid drinkers – those wearing red hats, have imbibed of his foolishness, and they have responded to his incitements and delusional thinking that, somehow, he can still remain in office, by taking over the Capitol building.

Yesterday was a day that will long live in infamy. The much-vaunted American democracy was dealt a mortal blow, and up until the 6:00pm curfew last evening, kool-aid drinkers were still strolling the Capitol halls and stabbing at the corpse in a most shocking and unbelievable act of perfidy. Seems, the Donald will have to be taken from the White House, kicking and screaming, even as he hangs on to the chandeliers for dear political life. The kool-aid drinkers will be enabling him.  How is the mighty America fallen! Tsk! Tsk!

The irony is that the man who promised to make America great again (whatever the hell that means), presided over the worst handling of a health crisis ever in the history of the Republic. His irresponsible and foolhardy pronouncements and behavior, arguably, led to many needless deaths. And to add insult to injury most foul, he severely damaged the much revered principles of the rule of law and a peaceful transfer of power, following the will of the people by way of the ballot. History will not be kind to his presidency and legacy! Sigh! In the meantime, we are apprehensive at what could happen on Inauguration Day – January 20th. Kool-aid drinkers must denounce hateful, abusive and inciteful rhetoric! Rather than acting on the nonsense, as did delusional Trump loyalists yesterday, repudiate it. May heaven help America! May heaven help us!

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