Kite festival picks up at Devil's Bridge

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The sky above Devil’s Bridge in Willikies is now filled with an array of creative and colourful kites, all a part of the Antigua and Barbuda International Kite Festival which commenced early this morning.
The event started at 9 o’clock and will continue until 5 p.m. for visitors and locals alike. Communications Officer within the Ministry of Tourism and Economic Development, Samoya Kirby describes it as an event good for tourists and residents.
The affair is featured on the ministry’s annual tourism calendar of events. Kirby told OBSERVER media that this event contributes to the livelihood of local craftsmen and women who construct the kites.
The occasion also promotes and markets Devil’s Bridge which is a tourist location.
“It’s an excellent family fun filled event,” said Kirby, adding that there will be a variety of music and food, particularly to satisfy the children.
“One year there were over 100 kites so hopefully participants come out in full force. Locally made kites are on sale by a number of vendors. The creativity has always been at its best,” Kirby elaborated.
The experience will consist of prizes for numerous kite competitions.
“There are normally animal kites as well as kites of all fashion and sorts,” Kirby explained.
She said that at this time of year, the wind is usually pretty good for kite flying.
Kirby emphasised that, “Visitors want to see more than just the beach. They want to engage with the locals. There are persons who travel just for unique sporting events like these. Some of the tourists want to see how the kites are made but the main feature of the day is kite flying.”
The communications officer is encouraging all Antiguans and Barbudans to promote the twin island state as a tourist destination, staying true to the tagline, ‘The beach is just the beginning’. The festival was sponsored by Hama Films, Winter Medical Centre, Observer Media Group of Companies and Pv Energy.

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