King Zacari dethrones his daughter to take Calypso Monarch title

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Trevor “King Zacari” King was crowned the Calypso Monarch in the Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch competition in the wee hours of Monday to end a show that lasted six hours which Calypso lovers said they found “too long” and “exhausting”.
King Zacari won the crown from his daughter Thalia “Queen Thalia” King, last year’s monarch. He celebrated first by hugging his daughter and lifting her across the stage, then by singing a powerful second rendition of Descendants of Uncle Tom, one of the two songs he had performed earlier to win the crown.
First Runner up was won by Carl “Stumpy” Jarvis, who sang Gaston Computer and Like in the Time of Jesus. His performance of the latter song earned him Best Rendered Song of the competition. Second Runner up was won by Althea “Queen Singing Althea” Williams who performed Caribbean Wake Up Call and Turn on the Light.
She won Best Social Commentary Calypso with the second song. Though he is no stranger to winning, having copped several crowns in the past, King Zacari broke down in tears at the end as he dedicated his victory to friends and family.
“My victory is well received by myself and my contingent but I do not see myself beating my daughter because, as I tell her all the time, if you win, I win. And if I win, you win because this is blood,” he told OBSERVER media. King Zacari said he was pleased with the level of music and performances from all 10 final contenders and even those who did not make the final cut because they all continue to invest in the artform.
Acres Stowe, a veteran judge of Calypso, praised King Zacari’s performance in the first round, describing it as one that “sets itself apart” from the others that night. “His song was very well developed, he had wit, creative lyrics, it was satirical and this is something we see lacking from others.
He didn’t come right out but we deduced what and who he sang about,” Stowe said. He also gave a critique of King Zacari’s second round performance of the song Carnival, Anniversary 60.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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