King Short Shirt finalising music for Carnival 2015

Cultural icon Sir Mclean “King Short Shirt” Emanuel said despite his absence from the state due to medical reasons, he will still be playing an active role in this year’s carnival festival, through his music.

The former monarch, who was rushed to a hospital in New York one week ago after experiencing breathing difficulties, told state media on Monday that he is in the process of finalising his music for 2015.

“I sent home some songs already; I still have some to release; I am just waiting on the album actually to be finished to get them home as soon as I can, I hope by this weekend I will be able to send home the finished product,” King Short Shirt said.

The 73 year old said he was hospitalised after he experienced chest pains, shortness of breath and numbness in the chest area.

He said after a series of tests were conducted he learnt that his arteries were blocked.

“They had to insert something to expand the arteries to allow the blood to flow which was done. I stayed in the hospital for a little while now, but I am back home feeling much better and hoping to recover soon,” the former monarch said.

He added that since the procedure he has been placed on a strict diet and will not be able to travel.

King Short Shirt also thanked the government for stepping in to help offset his medical expenses and others for their support during his illness.

The monarch’s legacy is one of scathing social commentary against injustice of all kinds.

The energies of the Black Power Movement of the late 1960s are evident in some of his earlier tunes like “Black Like Me” and “Afro Antiguan”.

His classic hit “Lamentation” was an indication of the disillusionment which had set in by 1973, and Short Shirt actually lost the local crown with the song which is as relevant today as it was then.

Apart from being known for his calypso legacy of winning songs starting in the 1960s, King Short Shirt has also been a successful challenger of the Road March titles.


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