‘King Osagyefo’ to contest for the next general election

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The head of the Nyahbinghi House of Big Creek, Elder Foster “King Osagyefo” Mack is making good on a promise to contest the next general elections as an independent candidate.
Mack told OBSERVER media he took the first step towards that process on Friday.
“I went to the electoral office and I got my papers, so as I said to you, I’m going to be up for the next general election as a candidate, so look out for me.”
He said he will be vying for a seat in the St Mary’s South constituency and his platform will be agriculture.
The political hopeful said he is very confident of his decision to contest.
“I’m in for the race, I’m going to do something for Antigua because I really love this country, I want to make it better for us,” he said.
The rastafarian said he decided to make the move because the authorities are infringing on the rights of the community he leads.
“We feel we’ve been violated and we want it to be addressed”, he said.“ And the whole focus is to adjust the situation” so that “rastafarians must have a voice in the setting up of the country’s laws”.
Just over a year ago, the police raided an area near to Mack’s farm and they burned the entire property, including sections of the leader’s farm.
The government, he said, compensated him $5,500 for the loss suffered. The recent six-month report from the Citizenship by Investment Unit showed he received the money in November 2016.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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