King family creates history in Calypso arena

From left) Thalia, Trevor and Kimberly King will, for the first time be competing against each other on the Calypso Monarch stage. (Photo contributed)
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By Carlena Knight

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A shared love for music is what the King family attributes their success to, as the three calypsonians – a father and his two daughters – prepare to compete in this year’s Calypso Monarch competition on Friday night.

The trio, Trevor “King Zacari” King, Thalia “Queen Thalia” King, and Kimberly “Kimmy” Kingcreated history before even touching the big stage at Carnival City, as they are the first family to advance to the finals of a major Carnival competition.

And, to add to the intrigue, the three singers will face off in the Bacchanal segment.

King Zacari, who has been performing in the calypso arena for 32 years, told this newsroom that it is a great feeling to be coming up against his girls.

“I never see myself competing against them, but I am very elated to be in the competition with both of them because they can never beat me. They will gently push me aside and bang them–the rest of [the competitors],” he joked.

“I never see myself actually going up against them. The pleasure is always mine to have them in the same contest,” Zacari explained.

His son, Romel, will also be competing at Carnival City but in the Party Monarch competition.

The six-time monarch explains that he never pushed his children into music while they were growing up, but it was through his love for the artform that his children have found their own passion.

“It wasn’t my doing. They picked it up quite naturally. I used to be singing in the house with my guitar when I am making my songs and they picked it up so fast and so easy, so I always knew that they had the ability to become calypsonians. They weren’t pushed into it. They just fell in line,” he added.

Older daughter Thalia — who has seven crowns to her name — echoed her father’s sentiments, says it is all love and support being shared between her little sister and father.

“It’s all comradery. We are a musical family and we love what we do. When we are in the same space when music is involved, it’s always a vibe because if we are not competing, we are partying; it’s always a vibe. It is a great feeling to know that we are making history and all three of us have made it into the competition. It is going to be a great show come Friday,” Thalia added.

Meanwhile, former Junior Calypso Monarch Kimmy said it is an honour for her to compete alongside her family members. 

“I am honoured to be competing with my dad and my sister. I grew up looking up to them in the calypso arena and I am making my entry again into calypso. It is a different experience for me and I am looking forward to what the future years have in store. I don’t intend to back out next year; I will be back in the Bacchanal session again next year,” Kimmy said.

This is not the first time that Thalia and her father are facing off with each other but is the first time that younger sister, Kimmy will be in the midst.

Among the Point/Villa natives, there are 14 crowns derived from the Junior Calypso, seniors competition, Leeward Islands and Montserratian events.

The Smirnoff Calypso Monarch competition will begin at 8pm at Carnival City on in the event dubbed ‘One night, Double the Experience’ with two separate competitions taking place in one show.

The Social Commentary and Bacchanal segments will each feature 10 competitors.

Kimmy will open the Bacchanal segment followed by Epic Byke, Omari, Tian Winter, Sammie C, Redding, King Zacari, Queen Thalia, King Vicious and Supa D.

Tian Winter will get the ball rolling in the Social Commentary segment, followed by Lyricksman, Ge’Eve, King Zacari, Queen Thalia, Peetron, De Bear, Stumpy, Supa D, and Sammie C.

Tickets cost $50.

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