Kind-hearted drivers offer free transport for people in need

3D illustration of Coronavirus, virus which causes SARS and MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
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By Carlena Knight

With an extension to the curfew to contain the spread of Covid-19 now in place, a variety of kind-hearted residents have been stepping up to the plate to give assistance to the public.

 The newly formed Dadli Aces Car group is the latest to do so. It is now offering free transportation for residents who are avoiding buses due to virus fears, or who are unable to drive during the 7am to noon window to access supermarkets, pharmacies and banks.

“We know at this time that people are having financial issues because of the virus and some are just paranoid to use public transportation, so we came up with this idea to give back to the community,” said Des Anthony, the president of Dadli Aces.

 “It was basically just for the one week, but with the extension of the curfew for another week, we will still function as well.”

Three drivers have been designated to provide the service, and bookings must be placed one day prior.

“Each driver is equipped with sanitiser, masks and 90 percent rubbing alcohol to spray before and after the passengers [enter the vehicles]. The passenger sits on the back seat, on the left side of the driver with the windows rolled down; absolutely no [air conditioning] is being used,” Anthony explained.

  Persons who are interested in accessing the service may contact Desmon at 780-6436; Allann at 774-1396; or Shirwin at 773-1572.

Other initiatives in place to help residents through the lockdown period include food packages for the vulnerable and a free e-learning initiative by FLOW. A few savvy entrepreneurs have also joined the national effort, such as Kellyco Designs’ customised face masks and Monolissa Persaud-Willis’ homemade sanitisers.

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