Jury finds Prince Charming guilty; sentencing set for next month

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By Latrishka Thomas

       A 12-man Jury returned a guilty verdict in the case of Grays Farm resident “Prince Charming Graham” who was on trial for the murder of Jalon ‘Shantii Town’ Thompson.

The incident resulted in Thompson being killed at the ‘Jam Dung Night Club’ on Lower Nevis Street in July, 2017.
      That was when the  girlfriend of the deceased got into an altercation with the defendant, who was a Deejay (DJ) at the club.
      In an attempt to defend his girlfriend, 26-year-old Thompson is said to have gotten into a brawl with Graham, who was 28 years old at the time
     that resulted in the Florida resident being stabbed in his chest.
     Testimony revealed that the budding soca artiste obtained a 8-10 cm laceration from a sharp object which penetrated his heart.
      He was pronounced dead at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre shortly thereafter.
      Graham, a night club DJ, was on trial since October 14th where witnesses including the girlfriend of the victim and his mother testified against Prince Charming.
      Throughout the trial, the father of 15 who was defended by lawyer Sherfield Bowen, maintained his innocence saying that he would never kill his friend. 
     The defence’s argument was based on the revelation  that,  although knives were found at the scene, none were submitted into evidence as the murder weapon.
      Graham, who also gave sworn evidence, stated that he, upon noticing that he had been injured during the fight with Thompson, pushed Thompson’s hand away from him and ran off.
       He claimed that he did not see Thompson with a weapon, nor did he have one on his person so he was not sure how Thompson was killed.
        Witnesses presented by the prosecution however, stated that they saw Graham with a knife that night.
      In the end, the evidence brought against Graham proved insurmountable and sealed his fate.
      He will be sentenced on November 25th.

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