Jury finds dangerous driving caused death

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The young man who knocked down and killed a U.K. visitor, Teresa Cummins, just over two years ago, has been found guilty of the offence, ‘causing death by dangerous driving.’ Ruan Roberts, who is now 27 years old, will know his fate on January 26 next year which could include a maximum sentence of five years in prison. He could also be fined or ordered to pay compensation, or both.
The prosecution’s case, which was argued by Crown Counsel Adlai Smith, was that there was a combination of speeding, not braking or blowing a horn, inattentiveness and not putting on the bright lights in a poorly lit area even though it was raining on Valley Church Road where the accident occurred. There were no skid marks on the scene to indicate that the driver made an attempt to brake, to slow down or stop the vehicle.
Roberts testified that he was driving at about 30 mph and the area where the accident occurred was dimly lit. The speed limit on Valley Church Road, according to the evidence, is 15-20 mph. But at the time of the accident on July 19th, 2015, there were no traffic signs indicating the speed limit.
The Urlings man said that another vehicle was coming from the opposite direction, with its bright lights on and at the same time he saw the victim’s feet as the person was walking on the road.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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