Junior ranks, applicant complain of sexual advances from senior cop

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Complaints of unwanted sexual advances have been filed against a senior, male police officer by several of his junior male colleagues and a young man who recently applied to join the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.
They all want the Police Service Commission (PSC) to intervene and take action as they express disgust and fear of victimisation.
The men reported the incidents in writing to the Commission and other police officials; each incident occurred at a different time. The names of those involved cannot be published because the complaints fall under the Sexual Offences Act which said neither name nor any information that could identify the victim or accused can be published. In the case of a person who is accused of such an act, if convicted, his or her name can be published, except if it is a case of incest.
In Antigua and Barbuda, buggery is against the law.
Prime Minister Gaston Browne told OBSERVER media yesterday, that he’s only aware of one incident being reported against the senior police officer.
“I have heard about one, I’m not aware of four. But you know anybody can make an allegation, it doesn’t have to be true. And I’m not saying they are not, but I am not aware that there’s any veracity to those statements,” he said.
That was his response when asked about the four letters of complaint which OBSERVER media obtained and which are signed by each complainant.
The country’s leader said he cannot intervene in the matter as  the police service commission has to deal with.
In one letter, filed in May 2016, a police constable complained that he had to meet the senior officer at an office for work related matters and while there, that senior policeman asked the other officers to leave the room, while the complainant was instructed to remain.
The junior officer wrote, “He [the senior officer] then said to me that I am holding out on him long. I then asked him what he meant by that and he said ‘you are not going for what you want’. He then said to me that other male officers are going for what they want.”
The junior cop said the senior officer approached him and attempted to hug him, even after he (the junior officer) had asked to be excused and stood aside.
“I felt disrespected at what felt like a sexual assault towards me…,” the officer wrote.
Read more in today’s edition of The Daily  OBSERVER.

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