Jolly Harbour and deceased man’s mom differ on alleged electrocution

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One day after a 23-year-old man was allegedly electrocuted at Jolly Harbour, one of the many well known resorts in Antigua and Barbuda, the management of the resort is denying that the facility could have been the cause of the manner in which the Jennings man allegedly died.
In a release, yesterday, the Caribbean Development (Antigua) Ltd. stated that the Management of CDAL “expresses sincere sympathy and true concern at the passing of Shawn Warner on its premises on the evening of November 6, 2018”, the company also stated that it wishes “to assure the general public, and in particular, visitors and occupiers of the Jolly Harbour area that our electrical engineers have carried out stringent tests and found no electrical leakages on any post on the site.” 
In the release, the company also stated that it was aware that the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB) “is carrying out an investigation as to the circumstances surrounding this most tragic incident and in doing so have removed control boxes from the lamp post leaving exposed wires.” 
The release further states: “In respect of the post which the Police have removed the control boxes and left exposed wires, we have effected a disconnection of this post from our system. 
“We are confident that our premises are safe to the General Public and we assure all that we will continue to co-operate with Law enforcement in the exercise of their duties.”
However, hours after the fatal incident, the mother of the deceased man told OBSERVER media that she saw her son, who was probably going to the gate by the security where “there was a bunch of raw wire … and he stepped on the wire and then he grabbed onto the metal pole”. According to her, that was when he was electrocuted.
She said that her son called for help from a woman who was standing not far from him but the woman was too scared to do anything and he fell to the ground before anyone could go to his assistance.
The mother told OBSERVER media that witnesses said maintenance men had been working on the pole earlier in the day and they apparently did not replace all the wires.
She said that after her son was rushed to the hospital, she returned to the area with the police, but the wires were no longer connected and staff told the police officers that no electricity was flowing to the wires.
But the mom insists that “the light was on the pole while we were still on the compound and we all saw it. I saw it, other persons saw it, his kids, one is five and one is seven, they all saw it when he got shocked.”
The fatal incident occurred shortly after the woman and her son along with his two sons attempted to leave Jolly Harbour around 6.35 p.m., after closing their beach bar.
The mother said that when she drove to the security gate, it was closed 
and she was told “that it closes at 6 o’clock and the supervisor went away with the key.” 
She also told OBSERVER media that the security personnel informed her that the “walkie-talkie radio” was not working. According to her, the female security personnel did not make any 
effort to use her cellular phone to contact the supervisor.
The mother said that she stood in the area for some time before walking back to her son, who had also left the vehicle. It was then that the fatal incident occurred.
She said by the time they reached the hospital and her son began receiving treatment, his body had already turned blue and she was advised that was an indication that he had suffered a strong electrical shock.
Bolans Police are investigating the matter. 

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