Joggers, walkers urged to be vigilant utilising active golf course

Kimesha Anthony plays a round of golf at Cedar Valley Golf Course. (Social media photo)
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Members of the public are being urged to be cautious when utilising the Cedar Valley Golf Course for exercise purposes.

In a statement issued by Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eugene Silcott, the body sought to remind joggers and or walkers that the facility is currently being used by golfers, which presents a clear and present danger to other users.

Reports indicate that numerous individuals, since the government eased restrictions on joggers and walkers, have been utilising the golf course. The club has however advised that it will not be held accountable or liable for any individual, walking or running on the course, being struck by a golf ball within the confines of the club’s premises.

The statement reminded that in February 2017 in New Zealand, a man died as a result of being struck by a golf ball at Frankton Golf Course in Queenstown.

It further advised that everyone who utilises the Cedar Valley Golf Course should be vigilant at all times.

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