Jobs in Canada coming for Antiguans and Barbudans

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Antiguans and Barbudans could soon be provided with new job opportunities in Canada, and Foreign Affairs Minister Max Fernandez said this is among several agreements signed with that country.
Fernandez told the Budget debate in Parliament on Thursday, that one of the main areas of interest is the national caregivers programme, which according to him, recruits nationals to work in Toronto in the areas of housekeeping and babysitting.
“The Counselor Core is actively engaging policymakers in having it available again,” he said.
Fernandez said over the years, women from Asia have been moving in and “squeezing out Caribbean women”, but we are seeing how we can open it up again”.
Meantime, the Foreign Affairs Minister said discussions were also held to address the challenges to obtain accreditation from Canadian professional bodies, after arriving in Canada.
“We also discussed expanding temporary foreign workers’ resident visas to include areas other than agriculture production, tourism, hospitality, trucking and retail distribution service industries,” Fernandez said.
He explained that the jobs that were available were limited to agriculture “so we are seeing how we can open it to other disciplines,” the minister disclosed.
The issue of deportation and the expansion of resident visas are expected to be discussed during a follow-up meeting carded for some time this year.
Fernandez said among the other plans are the advancement of an agenda aimed at enhancing the profile of Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean in Toronto.

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