Jewellery thieves plead guilty

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Three persons charged with aggravated robbery in relation to a jewellery heist at the home of a relative of a well-known politician have admitted to the crime.

But three other defendants, accused of receiving the stolen jewellery, pleaded not guilty when they were all arraigned before Justice Ann-Marie Smith yesterday in the High Court.

The six are charged in connection with the theft of more than $600,000 worth of jewellery and other items from the relative of Member of Parliament Asot Michael.

Kenisha Whyte-Challenger, Kerriano Thomas and Jevon Lloyd are jointly charged with aggravated robbery, while Ian O’Brien, Vernon Braithwaite and Ivlaw John are charged with receiving property having known or ought to have known it to be proceeds of a crime.

The jewellery heist is said to have taken place on May 11 2019 when Whyte-Challenger, Thomas and Lloyd went to the Blue Waters residence where Whyte-Challenger exited the vehicle and found a domestic worker there alone.

Upon being informed that the occupants were not at home, Whyte-Challenger is said to have gotten back into the car and reversed.

The worker reportedly took out her phone and attempted to photograph the vehicle’s licence plate number when the woman stopped the car and one of the men jumped out.

He allegedly pointed a gun at the worker, which caused her to lock herself in a bedroom and call the police.

The three then reportedly entered the house and stole an iPad valued at $1,350, plus $5,400 cash, and jewellery worth $645,394.50.

Lloyd reportedly gave his share of the jewellery to a female friend and it is believed that, on May 13, she and Lloyd went to a jewellery store where she sold a gold chain to John.

The next day, Braithwaite allegedly sold more of the stolen jewellery.

It is also believed that in June 2019, Thomas went to a jewellery store where O’Brien agreed to pay for a necklace.

Whyte-Challenger, Thomas and Lloyd will be sentenced on April 29.  

Meanwhile, a date for trial will be set for the other three on March 14.

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