Jerry Roberts: Drag racing head says proposed track upgrades to be submitted to government

The North Sound Raceway is located just east of the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium
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By Neto Baptiste

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association (ABDRA), Jerry Roberts, said the body is preparing a proposal for the upgrading of the North Sound Raceway, which they will present to the government within the next two weeks.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo sports show, Roberts revealed that the track is in need of “upgrades” as they seek to provide the best possible facility amidst the constant evolution of cars and the speed at which they travel.

“In motorsports the cars are getting faster and faster event for event so we have made a proposal and up to yesterday [Wednesday] we were asked by the powers that be to please put forward another proposal for upgrades to the facility. We are now working on that to put it to the prime minister to try and get some work done up there. We all know, people who race, that the track has challenges but we are lucky enough to have the facility but it needs some upgrades now,” he said. 

First opened in 2014 under the name Staddaco, and under the presidency of Lisa Abraham, the track has gone through a number of changes, but is still in need of crucial upgrades.

Roberts listed a number of areas in need of urgent attention.

“Resurfacing of the track, the straightening of it and barriers is a big thing in terms of side barriers for safety reasons, a return lane and restroom facilities. When I put up my name to be president that was one of the things I campaigned on, and we’ve had offers from two corporate citizens to help us do this, do that, but it hasn’t come through yet so we’re still trying,” he said. 

The president is hoping that the facility could get the attention of a professional in the field.

“To get that thing done the way it should be done, and this is just me speaking, it requires expertise from somebody who has done something like this before. It’s not just a road, it was gifted to us as a road, so we used a road to do our racing on, but a racetrack requires a little more planning, so we’re lucky so far. Hopefully soon, and that’s all I will say, because I don’t want to put a timeframe to it, but it has to be soon,” Roberts said.

The Prime Minister’s Cup, in August, was the last major drag racing event held at the track.

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