Jerry Roberts: Drag racing head reveals body hoping to fully utilise Ambassador Jason Marsh

3 marsh drag
Jason Marsh (center) is flanked by Minister of Sports Daryll Matthew (right) and Prime Minister Gaston Browne (left)
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By Neto Baptiste

The Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association (ABDRA), is hoping to make full use of recently- appointed Sports Ambassador, Jason Marsh, in promoting both the sport and the country in hopes of bringing attention to the body’s efforts at the North Sound Raceway.

This is according to president of the local body, Jerry Roberts, who said he has already approached the relevant authorities for support ahead of a major US event where Marsh will be on display.

“There is a world cup event in Maryland [USA] every year and I personally had made it my duty to approach the government to try and get Mr Marsh some sponsorship for his car to represent Antigua this year, and that’s going to be in November. I am still waiting on the answer, but yes, we have made representation in trying to get him notarised and have his car wrapped in the Antigua tourism colours and everything else, so we are just waiting,” he said.

Creator and owner of Marsh-built Motors, the mechanic and engine builder was appointed in December 2022. He is currently seeking to patent a turbo booster he designed to improve the performance of race cars.

Roberts revealed that March is a bit disappointed with the pace at which the wheels are turning, but is still looking forward to representing 268 on the world stage.

“He’s a little disappointed that nothing has happened as yet, I’ll tell you that much, and so are we, but it’s not for a lack of effort but he comes in contact with lots of people as he does events throughout the northeast United States. For social media, if a car is wrapped in Antiguan colours it’s never-ending, so he can help the sport, he can help the country with exposure,” he said.

Marsh joined American professional basketball player Kemba Walker, US hurdler Rai Benjamin and bikini fitness athlete Kimberly Percival who were all named sports ambassadors in 2022. Bikini fitness pro, Melissa Seaforth, was also appointed an ambassador in December last year.

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