Jennings Tigers And Rising Sun Spartans Advance To Semis Of Cool And Smooth T20 Explosion

Jennings Tigers
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By Carlena Knight

Jennings Tigers advanced to the semi-finals of the Cool and Smooth T20 Explosion on Wednesday night after defeating Rising Sun Spartans by seven wickets.

The Spartans – after winning the toss and opting to bat – made 122 for seven.

Malinga Bruney was not out for 32 runs and teammate Shequan Hewlette contributed with 31.

Opening batsman Gian Benjamin posted 21.

Kenroy Browne took three wickets.

Despite their commendable efforts, the Tigers would not be denied a spot in the semis as opening batsman George Munsey clawed his way to lead his team to victory with a 57-run performance.

Munsey hit nine fours and one six.

Kyle Cabey made 23.

Meanwhile, All Saints Pythons recovered from their upsetting loss as they beat Empire Nation by 48 runs.

Kacy Carty’s 66-run performance, consisting of six fours and one six, led the charge for the Pythons as they surged to 177.

Kerry Mentore made 42, Owen Graham was not out for 20 and Leonardo Julien 11.

Empire Nation’s Nathan Edward took five wickets in a losing effort.

Edward followed up that impressive performance with the bat, making 34 runs.

Opening batsman Kieran Powell made 31, Damien Lowenfield 19 and Kenrick Scott 11.

It would however not be enough for Empire Nation who made it to just 122 for eight in their 20 overs; both Kerry Mentore and Martin Caesar Jr took wickets.

This win initially meant that the All Saints Pythons would battle CUB Bethesda Golden Eagles.

There was however some controversy surrounding the All Saints win as Empire protested the match, accusing the Pythons of playing an illegitimate player.

It was later revealed that All Saints had illegally fielded four overseas players.  

Organisers confirmed that, after investigations, All Saints Pythons had been eliminated.

Jennings Tigers will now play CUB Bethesda Golden Eagles, while Rising Sun Spartans will play the defending champions, PIC Liberta Blackhawks.

Both semis will be played on Friday starting at 4pm.

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