James: Disciplinary committee decision next week

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The disciplinary committee of the Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) said there would not be a decision on last Sunday’s brawl between the Pigotts Bullets FC and the Swetes FC until next week.

Head of the committee and a former ABFA executive member, Gatesworth James, told Observer media on Thursday that the committee has spent this week gathering and reviewing all the necessary information needed.

The next step, James said, would be to meet with the parties involved before issuing a statement. The committee is slated to meet next Tuesday after which, James said a decision would be made.

“We will be doing the interviews next week [Tuesday] because what we have been doing this week is just gathering the necessary information like match report, video clips and reviewing those. I would anticipate that by next week Wednesday we should be able to make an announcement,” he said.

The teams were involved in a fight during the finals of the ABFA’s Wadadli Beer Super 8 competition at Antigua Recreation Ground (ARG) last Sunday.

The brawl ensued as players jostled for the ball following a Swetes conversion, which pulled them within one of Bullets with 13 minutes of regulation left on the clock.

Bullets had taken a 2-0 advantage in the contest via a double from striker Alickson Montoute who scored in minutes 44 and 67.

Juwan Roberts had pulled the goal back for Swetes with a 77th minute conversion.

Both clubs have since issued public apologies condemning both the action of their respective players and fans that had invaded the field during the incident.

Referee Audwin Walsh was forced to prematurely end the match with less than 15 minutes left in regulation.

Many are awaiting the judgment on the incident, which has been widely debated with videos of the fight being posted on several social media sites.

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