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James credits solid foundation for Blackhawks success

By Neto Baptiste

National cricketer and captain of the successful Liberta Blackhawks cricket team, Kofi James, believes that having and sticking a solid development plan is key to the success of any club and or organisation, including the Liberta Sports Club.

Speaking on the heels of Blackhawks’ triumph in the cricket association’s 10 Splash tournament, which climaxed at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground on Sunday, James credited the accumulated success of the team to having a solid foundation and forward thinkers at the helm.

“You have to give the management and the administration and everybody that played a part credit because to keep getting these championships over the years with new players coming in with the team already in a rebuilding stage and still manage to come out with a championship shows the grit that the players have and the strategy and legacy behind the club because it is not just the players but also the way how the club operates,” he said.

Blackhawks captured the 10 Splash Tournament after a clean sweep in the final round, winning all three of their contested matches.

James said that although the team was mostly a young one, they had support from a number of experienced players.

“It all depends on the opponents and the team because in some of the game I allowed Karima Gore to bowl out his overs early. So, sometimes after six overs he would have already bowled out his two based on the batsmen we were facing, because if they get a good start you would need somebody to pull it back. So sometimes you don’t have to wait to the end to bowl out your best bowlers. Experience means a lot and we have a few experienced guys in the team so we know how to operate them and rotate the bowling,” he said.

James dominated the tournament’s batting and bowling awards after scoring a total of 205 runs and grabbing 10 wickets in eight matches.



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