Jamaican Government seeks to realize direct flights between Jamaica and Mexico

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According to CANA the Government of Jamaica is looking to establish direct flights between Jamaica and Mexico as part of efforts to expand service across the northern Caribbean and its environs.

Transport Robert Montague, said that the move will go a far way in reducing travel time between the countries by eliminating the need for persons to transit through Miami as now obtains.

He was speaking at the recent launch of domestic flight service by local aviation company, Jam Airlink Express, at Ian Fleming International Airport in Boscobel in the eastern parish of St. Mary.

Montague said a key location already identified in Mexico is Cancún, which is the country’s most easterly city and the closest to Jamaica.

Cancún is also the home city for the headquarters of Mexico’s Moon Palace hotel chain, which operates a property in the tourist resort town of Ocho Rios.

The Minister said that the travel time between Cancún and Montego Bay, via Miami, is approximately two hours, noting that “if there is a direct flight… to Montego Bay, it’s one hour and 10 minutes.”

Montague further argued that the availability of direct service would eliminate the need to secure a United States visa, as persons would not have to go through Miami or any other American city to get from Mexico to Jamaica.

Additionally, he said persons from other countries vacationing in Mexico would not have to transit through the US to get to Jamaica, if they decide to make a quick trip to the island.

The Minister said that the arrangement is being pursued in tandem with the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) and Airports Authority of Jamaica (AAJ), among other key stakeholders, and once in place, “you will find that more persons will be able to come to Jamaica”.

Meanwhile,the Transport Minister advised that other destinations are being explored to provide expanded regional service from Jamaica, including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

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