Jamaica: Woman snatches tablet, claiming it belongs to her daughter

A woman faced the court after she snatched a tablet from another woman and ran off, claiming it belonged to her daughter.

The tablet was reportedly given to the complainant by the child’s father. The accused, Nyawa Taylor, was charged with larceny from the person.

The court heard that on the day in question the complainant was in Papine Square when Taylor saw her with the tablet, grabbed it and ran off before the complainant could catch her.

On Wednesday when the matter was mentioned, Taylor told the court that she took the tablet because it belonged to her daughter.

“My babyfather brought the tablet from foreign for my daughter for her birthday,” she said.

However, she said, “I don’t know what the deal is between him and her (the complainant) but she ended up with the tablet.”

RM Pusey then asked Taylor if the tablet had been given to the child and she said ‘no’, because her daughter had not yet celebrated her birthday.

The magistrate then told Taylor that she could not use the claim of right defence because the man had not given the tablet to either her or her daughter.

The complainant was then asked how she had got the tablet and she told the court that Taylor’s babyfather, with whom she has had a platonic friendship for years, had given it to her.

The complainant said the man had asked her what she wanted him to bring for her when he was overseas and she responding by sending her a picture of the tablet via Whatsap. She said he gave her the tablet in July.

RM Pusey then asked Taylor where the tablet was and she said that she had given it to her daughter.

The magistrate, after enquiring about the cost of the tablet, instructed Taylor to return to court with $30,000 on October 30 to buy a new tablet for the complainant.

Taylor, on receiving the order, complained that the tablet was second-hand.

But RM Pusey silenced her by saying: “I don’t care; you notice I did not ask you that?”

Tyalor’s bail was subsequently extended.