Jamaica: Man before court for stepson's murder says inmates beat him

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(Jamaica Observer) – THE man accused of killing his eight-year-old stepson after the child’s mother ended her relationship with him last month has complained about being beaten by inmates.

Ochest Rose, while showing injuries he claimed were inflicted by fellow inmates at Hunts Bay police lock-up, begged to be transferred to another lock-up in court yesterday.

He is facing the court for the murder of Galen Buchanan, who went missing on January 21, a day after his mother told Rose that their eight-month relationship was over.

Galen’s body was later found, with the hands bound, about 3:15 pm on January 23 in King’ston Harbour by residents of Royal Palm, Bournemouth Gardens. Rose was arrested in Trelawny on January 25 and later charged on February 4.

Before asking for a transfer from Hunts Bay police lock-up to Horizon Adult Remand Centre yesterday, Rose’s attorney Sashanagaye Dennis told the court that her client was beaten and burnt.

Parish Judge Carole Barnaby asked Dennis when the attack occurred.

She replied: “Wednesday.”

Rose, who was clad in a grey T-shirt and light wash distressed denim, chimed in: “…Yesterday dem light plastic and drop it on me, and dem lick me inna mi neck back when mi inna di shower.”

The judge then told Rose to show her his injuries.

Displaying his injuries, Rose held his left arm close to his body, pointing his elbow towards the judge. Barnaby then asked his attorney if the marks on his elbow were recent, but she did not respond.

In addition to the assault claim, Dennis said her client was ill-treated by the police, who, she said, was refusing to collect his clothes from his relatives.

While explaining to Dennis that she cannot tell the police where to keep prisoners, the judge asked the sergeant of the court to contact the commanding officer and find out if he could attend court today. The matter was briefly stood down.

When the matter was revisited, the policeman told the court that he was unable to speak with the commanding officer but spoke with a female officer who told him that the commanding officer would be available to attend court today.

Barnaby told the court that she will elevate the claims to the parish judge who is responsible for lock-ups.

In the meantime, Rose’s attorney told the court that if there were further attacks on her client, she would make an application.

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