Jamaica: Jamaican man beaten, thrown off minibus after sneezing

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(JAMAICA STAR) – A 38-year-old farmer from Bethel Town, Westmoreland, said that he was beaten and thrown off a bus on Monday, after he sneezed multiple times and was accused of carrying the deadly COVID-19.

Garnet Blair told THE STAR that his body is swollen and sore all over, from the sound thrashing he got from the angry mob.

“Mi caa believe seh nobody caa sneeze inna Jamaica again,” Blair said in a trembling voice.

He said that after carrying goods to the Charles Gordon Market in Montego Bay, he took a mini bus back home.

“The bus reach a Chester Castle when mi kinda feel stuffy. So mi sneeze, an all of a sudden mi see every body start look pon mi, and a pull weh from beside mi,” he said.

Blair said that he told them that he had always been troubled by sinus problems, but after he sneezed twice more soon after, hell broke loose.

“Before mi could open mi mouth, a pure lick start reach mi. Woman a beat mi, an man a beat mi. Mi affi use mi hands fi cover mi eyes so dem nu juck dem out. All dem a seh a ‘hey boy come off the bus wid yuh coronavirus self’,” Blair said. “A wen the driva see seh dem go fi kill mi, him pull pon the road side an stop, an den him holla pon dem an tell dem fi lef mi alone. All the driva a tell the passenga dem seh him know mi an a so mi always a sneeze, dem seh dem nah travel wid mi, an mi fi come off a di bus.”

He said that he was pushed from the bus and had to walk more than 10 miles to his home.

He said that he bathed himself in warm water, and is vowing that he will not travel again until the COVID-19 threat was over.

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  1. Jamaican has to do better than that. People has to sneeze and cough it’s normal. Not everyone that sneeze has the virus. That wasn’t nice what they did

  2. This is very serious but, I couldn’t control my laughter from the hilarious way in which this article was written.
    I hope this poor man recovers soon

  3. That is so sad ???? how they treated that young man..he didn’t deserve that. Some people has allergies and that’s something he probably doesn’t have control over. If he sneezed and covered his mouth..I don’t see what’s the problem. God bless him and praying that the young man is okay. This coronavirus got everyone in an uproar. Trust God and remember his blood still works.

  4. In Jamaica you need the government to have a infectious disease doctor to explain the possibilities of Coronavirous. Jamaican are very eleterate and angry mobs. If the two women from England didn’t visit Jamaica there woulnt be a Coronavirous. The government need to let those two parish gets the sun plenty outside” food, water and check up to free these people before worst happen. Where is the health organization? Stop the ignorance force and help those people.

    • I am a Jamaican and just wanted to reply to your comment. All Jamaicans are not illiterate. In the future when you are going to put down a country or a person please at least know how to SPELL the adjective.

    • Exactly..they should ask the driver to stop the bus and run..instead they get in close contact bout dem a beat..gud luck to dem

    • My sentiments exactly…. if he has the virus then everyone should stay far not run towards to attack the poor man. I’m so ashamed to see how ignorant some of ppl are.

  5. I am a proud Jamaican, that was a dispicable act on a human being from all the passengers on the bus ( who the cap fit wear it, they should lock you all up for grievious body harm, Non of you have the right to put your hand on another human being why are you all so BARBARIC!!, YOU ALL BEHAVE LIKE ANIMALS an the sad thing with Most of you all you think its ok to behave that way go an educate yourselves, even if you all think him have Coronavirus, all of a sudden your all Drs, an to know non of you tried stop it except the driver!!, my God that could have been one of your family!!.
    Angry reader
    Loraine Tibby

  6. Complete madness ,our people so Ignorant. Did we loose ourselves, or we are just Natural fools. People do have Sinus & Congestion issues like my Mom & me ,which causes you to be stuffy ,headache often follow with a sneeze.

  7. They have some awful duty jamaican uneducated, low life, ignorant trashy people. The man never did anything to dem . They are so wicked. Hope you feel better boss.

  8. That wasn’t I nice thing to do to a innocent person..my sinus make me sneeze a lot.. Illiterate fools..they get in contact with the man beat him..so if him have it..they all get it now..serve dem right

  9. Its funny no one see that coming, this is Jamaican’s we r talking about, we r crazy people at times and am sorry that this happened to this gentleman, omg he does not deserve that.” But when our governments going to c that there r worst to come”. They need to put this under control and fast. People are already out of jobs, so ask yourselves what is going to happen next.

  10. I have sinus, and I am sooo afraid to go out because of situation like this. People in America and Europe are not afraid to say they have the virus. In Jamaica people are afraid and ashamed, to say they have it

  11. I am a Jamaican living in the USA since may 1980 my comment is those people that attack the poor man not only are they ignorant but they have no knowledge on the Virus people need to know before over reacting and those same people that over reacted could have something and not be aware that they do and that poor guy could be not infected and they probably infected him people have no clue wake up peoples and try to be there for each other instead of making this situation worse what the hell dam this WORLD will never change we all going to learn the hard way if we dont join together. People are going to be the world destruction not mother nature FACTS .

  12. Yes there are some very inteigent people in Jamaica but like in other places, there are some very STUPID ones also. One thing l know is that some of the people are very brutal.

  13. I wonder who died and leave those people
    in the bus as Drs if that man has the virus well he bought a dollar worth and a$1worth is left for them too.Since they think they escape it. I hope he feels better soon.

  14. While growning up in Jamaica, I have seen a lot of stupid things done to each other with a mob rules mentality. I should hope that by now we’re more intelligent than that and get away from those types of behavior. That man could have lost his life due to a bunch of tugs like action. That sneezing could have been caused by someone perfume or cologne. Come on my people we have to do better than that.

  15. Coronavirus is just the beginning of sorrow – sit & read the book of Revelation people. Pray that ur soul is safe & secure in Jesus Christ the risen Saviour. All must b fulfilled in that Holy Book. No matter how many times fallen men change & omit verses in the Bible & then come out with a new version – God’s word from ancient of days standeth unchanged.

  16. If this was your brother, husband, or child would you behave like this. You people are as ignorant and illiterate as the apes in the Africsn jungle, and that is why people think Jamaicans are the worst nation on earth. This is 2020 people, smarten up. Learn to pray, but most of all learn to love each other.

  17. Stupid. Real stupid. I hope everyone of you who beat that poor helpless man catch it. If indeed he has it. Hope you feel better soon sir.

  18. Im sorry but the jamaican accented narrative had my stomach fron laughter. But they cruel for what they did. I get it though they overreacted out of ???? fear.

  19. Those dangerous, wicked, beast of a people, are idiots and need to be educated about the sinus problen which many people all over the world encounter.
    Three of my family members have it so badly. When they start coughing and sneezing it’s like nonstop.
    They are a disgrace to our country and should be removed from society. They should be arrested. Im praying that they be brought to justice.
    This is a word for them, God never goes to sleep. So,
    “You’ll reap what you sow, more than you sow, later than you sow.” Your day will come and it’s gonna be worse than what you did to that man.
    May God speak to their hearts, cause them to acknowledge their wrong, find the man, ask forgiveness and pay his doctor bill if he had to see one.
    May God help the young man overcome the trauma.


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