Jagged road blamed for repeated accidents

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The sight of distressed drivers parked at the side of All Saint’s Road near Europa hardware store to change tyres is a frequent occurrence.

While many drivers are lucky to just suffer a flat tyre, others have been involved in serious accidents or been sent hurtling into a nearby vacant plot of land, ploughing into overgrown shrubs and grass.

The latest incident occurred last Friday, resulting in one vehicle becoming engulfed in flames and multiple people injured.

The catalyst behind the hotpot for busted tyres and accidents is believed to be a jagged edge of the road.

Traffic police Sergeant Kenny Mcburnie cautioned drivers in the area during his regular appearance on OBSERVER AM on Monday.

“Please be careful not to go off the edge of the road; that tends to pose a problem for persons,” he said. “I know at some point the Ministry of Works will do something in that area.”

Mcburnie explained that water has dug out the edge of the road over time, making the edge “deep”.

While the officer did not indicate how many accidents could be attributed to the state of the road, he said that he is “aware of two situations where we had two incidents happening where we ended in a collision”.

One resident who lives along the busy road told OBSERVER that someone falls prey to the sharp road frequently.

“There used to be two, maybe three, people per day who would have to change their tyres right there last year,” he stated. “There was a bad pothole and, in an attempt to avoid it, drivers used to swerve off and, bam, tyres gone. They end up in the bush or accident.”

He said that the incidents decreased after the works ministry filled the pothole late last year, but the area is still a cause for concern.

“If we were recording, I am sure over 100 people have suffered because of that road,” he said. “I hope that it is fixed soon. We can’t wait for someone to die there.”

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