JADCO threatens legal action against Briana Williams' attorney

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Dr. Emir Crowne, who represented Briana Williams during her anti-doping hearing last month, is facing legal action from the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO), who claim they have been defamed by the noted attorney.

He had until Friday, October 4, 2019, to comply with their demands for a formal apology. If he fails to do so, their attorneys will initiate legal action.

Sportsmax.TV has obtained copies of correspondence sent to Dr. Crowne from Ian Wilkinson QC, who represents the anti-doping commission. In the first of two letters, JADCO made reference to comments attributed to Dr. Crowne that appeared in a story published in the Wednesday, August 28 edition of the Jamaica Observer.

The comments attributed to Dr. Crowne suggested that leaks about the results of Williams’ ‘A’ and ‘B’ samples to the media came from JADCO.

“The clear inference of implication is that JADCO leaked the results of the tested ‘A’ and ‘B” samples for Briana Williams to third parties and/or the media,” the letter stated, adding that JADCO refutes and denies any suggestion that they leaked the results of Williams’ tests to third parties or the media.

The letter states that Dr. Crowne has not provided any evidence to support his claims and called for the attorney to confirm if he made those statements to the newspaper and if so, issue a formal written apology in terms acceptable to JADCO.

Dr. Crowne was initially given until September 6, 2019, to comply with the demand and failure to do so would result in JADCO initiating legal proceedings.

However, in a second letter, JADCO’s attorneys extended the deadline to comply with the demand for an apology to Friday, October 4.

When contacted Dr. Crowne told Sportsmax.TV that he would be issuing a statement in relation to the matter.

Williams was given a reprimand with no period ineligibility following the hearing that lasted two days.

The athlete is currently in Doha as a spectator at the championships. (www.sportsmax.tv)

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