Jacobs: More youths are playing cricket

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Former Leeward Islands and West Indies cricketer, Ridley Jacobs has denied public claims that the sport of cricket is not attracting younger players.
Jacobs who is also responsible for school’s cricket in the Ministry of Sports spoke on the Good Morning JoJo show confidently of the increase in interest by the youth and credited this boost in numbers to the various cricket programs being put in year-round.
“I think that now a lot more young players are playing than before and I think it’s the programs that we have in place now, the West Indies Grassroots, Kiddies Cricket plus we at the Ministry of Sports we try to have as much summer camps as possible to help build that interest in the game.”
Jacobs however showed concern over the lack of
interest in test cricket by
the younger players and believes it is still a key area to focus on.
“Well you know most people in general don’t like the longer version of the game and the younger players are now also gravitating to the shorter version of the game because it’s less time, but for me, test cricket is always the ultimate and I think that’s where we need to look.” (Carlena Knight)

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