Jacobs: Improvement in secondary school’s cricket begins in primary schools

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Former Leeward Islands and West Indies cricketer, Ridley Jacobs believes that in order for the secondary school’s cricket programme to improve, work must begin at the primary school level.
 “We have to start dealing with the younger players. Start to teach them to play with the hard ball from an early age so when they are 14 and 15 we should get much better out of these players than we are getting now.”
Jacobs, who is responsible for school’s cricket in the Ministry of Sports spoke on the Good Morning Jojo show last week, detailing plans the ministry will be making on the matter.
“Our aim is to start going into the primary schools in September for two months to develop these players and help them to understand the basics of cricket so you know when they come into the secondary school they are not totally lost.”
In thanking the minister of sports and his staff for their hardwork, Jacobs said, “We all know cricket is an expensive sport but in terms of equipment I have never had a problem with getting anything and I really want to thank them for that and also to my coaches, it’s only eight of us but we get the job done and I thank them for keeping up the fight.”

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