It’s up to the public: Sports minister reminds that public can nominate individuals for national awards

Sports minister Daryll Matthew.
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By Neto Baptiste

Sports Minister Daryll Matthew has reminded citizens they too can make nominations for the National Independence Awards.

His reminder comes amidst observations that no individuals who would have made significant marks in sports, whether from an administrative or competitive standpoint, was honoured during Monday night’s ceremony at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium.

“It is up to the public to identify those persons they believe are fitting, make the nominations and the Honours Committee, which is comprised of persons representing both parties and so forth, and they would make a decision on whether the person is duly worthy to be recognised,” he said.

Matthew, who was speaking on the Observer Am show, reminded that although both the sitting government and the opposition also make nominations, institutions, both public and private, could also do the same.

“I don’t sit on the Honours Committee but just to say that anyone in Antigua can nominate an individual so it is not the government alone that makes nominations, the opposition make nominations, private sector organisations make nominations,” he said.

Nominations are sent to the National Honours Committee for consideration on an annual basis. 

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