It wasn’t me: embattled top cop distances himself from leak

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Suspended top cop Wendel Robinson was quick to issue a notice yesterday evening, distancing himself from the circulation of his affidavits in which he accuses government officials and colleagues of plotting to bring him down.
In a statement to the media yesterday, hours after his claims were reportedly read on air by another media house, Robinson said he had nothing to do with the leak.
His exact statement reads, “It has been brought to my attention that my affidavit, along with exhibits and all other documents filed on my behalf in a Judicial Review proceeding currently before the court, have been deliberately, maliciously and highly inappropriately disclosed via social media and are being read publicly on a radio station.”
The top cop, who has been on suspension since April 5 pending a probe into his alleged inappropriate conduct, said he had no knowledge of who began circulating the documents.
And, he condemned it, saying it is a “violation of all proper conduct in relation to legal and judicial matters” since the matter is still before the court.
June 20 is the date when Robinson’s application is due to be heard in the High Court before Justice Godfrey Smith.
He is suggesting that the dissemination is a further act of malice to harm the judicial process and he said he is disassociating himself from “the perpetrators”.
Robinson is represented by attorneys Sir Richard Cheltenham and Cosbert Cumberbatch.

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