‘It doesn’t belong to any one country’: Sir Viv hints fairness in selection and other areas key to success of West Indies cricket

Sir Viv Richards
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By Neto Baptiste

West Indies batting legend Sir Vivian Richards is suggesting that a lack of unity and fair-mindedness in some aspects of the game here in the region is helping to divide and stifle the growth of West Indies cricket.

Speaking recently on the Good Morning Jojo sports show, Sir Viv hinted that the big island vs small island mentality continues to have a negative effect on the cricket, and possibly impacting the way teams are selected.

“West Indies cricket is for West Indians and the people right along the region and it doesn’t belong to any one particular country. So, until we can find that cohesiveness in terms of how well we do things together — because we hear so much about selection this and selection that and too much this and too much that – so this is a battle by ourselves on the outside,” he said. 

The Antiguan, one of the most successful captains in West Indies cricket, bemoaned the fact that the regional squad is currently contesting the qualifying round in hopes of getting into the ICC World Cup later this year in India.

“It hurts when I see us now — in terms of where we’re at in Zimbabwe — having to qualify. It does take a lot of out of you when you have to qualify and then get yourself prepared again for the bigger one in October, so it does hurt. I know folks who have taken a lot of pride in the way they represented West Indies in the past who feel the same way, and I guess we need something a little more consistent in terms of finding out exactly where are the roots of the problems,” he said. 

West Indies opened their qualifying campaign on June 18 with a 39-run triumph over the USA.

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