Island Wide Post Office Strike

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The ongoing industrial action at the General Post Office extended to all branches with the employees from the other locations standing up with their colleagues who are demanding to be relocated from the lower High Street building.
Chanting “current and water, don’t mix,” and “mold ah kill me, relocate me,” and “$105 cyarn work,” or “dog ah bite me, no risk pay,” placard-carrying workers circled the building calling for remedial work to be done at the building.
Almost 200 workers at the site walked off the job yesterday, for a second day, demanding their employer act fast so that they resume their duties.
The building has been without electricity because of the recent rains.
Wigley George of the Antigua Trades and Labour Union expressed the view that while the management is not being blamed for the rains that caused power to the building to be terminated, the situation needs to be rectified urgently.
 OBSERVER media was told that the electricity was shut off because there were exposed wires which posed a safety risk. In addition to the lack of electricity, the building is damp and moldy.
The recent rains also caused damage to some of the mail.
The workers used the strike opportunity to voice their concerns about other issues to include the $105 per month for travel allowance and no risk allowance.
The workers have threatened that the industrial action will continue until the matters are resolved.
The St. John’s workers were joined by their colleagues from the Airport, Old Road, Bolans, Seatons, Dockyard, Bethesda, Cedar Grove and All Saints branches.
The St. John’s post office has been plagued with a long list of problems which previously prompted industrial action.

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