Investigations launched into recent thefts at hotel

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Three guests at the Rex Halcyon Resort were victims of theft between July 4th and 11th and lawmen are investigating reports made this week by the hotel’s managers.

In one incident, the general manager reported the theft of cash from a Trinidadian visitor who said she left the money in an envelope in a safe in her room around 8:00 a.m. on July 10th and discovered, about 24 hours later, that someone had stolen EC $100 and US $40 out of the total which she had.

According to the report, she and the other two victims arrived in Antigua on July 4th and on July 10th they went on a circumnavigation tour. The theft occurred during the time they were out.

There was no sign of forced entry into any of the three rooms the victims occupied.

One of the other victims, a visitor from England, lost EC $190 and US $220 which he had placed in his suitcase in his room when he went out at different times between the date of arrival and July 9th.

The third victim, who is also from England, reported losing US $200 and EC $200 out of the total sum he had left among his belongings.

He had placed the cash in the pocket of a sweater which was then packed away in a suitcase. The suitcase was not locked or secured. The hotel management and police searched for the missing items after the reports were made but the searches yielded no success.

When contacted, the hotel’s management said it would discuss the matter and then respond. The Chairman of the Antigua Hotels and Tourism Association, Vernon Jeffers, said he was unaware of the incidents. He labelled the development as “unfortunate” and promised to comment after inquiring into the matter.

Just last week, Barrisha Gordon, a security guard at Galley Bay Resort, was convicted and fined $4,000 for stealing electronics from a guest’s room. The items were recovered and returned to the visitor.

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