Investigation launched into police shooting at home

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By Tameika Malone
[email protected]
Police have launched an investigation into a shooting done by a member of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda during the execution of a search warrant at a home in Barnes Hill.
The unnamed officer is said to have discharged his service weapon that pierced the asphalt road on Friday before 10 p.m. No one was injured, however, Geralyn James, 52, was rushed to hospital after fainting.
Public Relations Officer, Senior Sergeant Frankie Thomas has disclosed that a customary investigation into the shooting incident has been launched.
“The officer went out on a search warrant operation. The incident took place and the matter is being investigated by the police administration. As in matters like this where there was a question of procedure, the matter will be investigated,” he said.
Meanwhile James told OBSERVER media that nothing was found in the search, but she was fearful when she heard the weapon go off.
“I know is six sons I have and I’m in the house and I’m asking what is going on and no one is answering me. There was this one officer that kept watching me saying I didn’t look okay,” she said.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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