Investigation launched in alleged Barbuda assault

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An investigation has been launched into an alleged assault by a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force on a woman in Barbuda.
Major Alando Michael, who is spearheading the recovery effort on hurricane-ravaged Barbuda, told OBSERVER media yesterday that statements have been taken from the soldier who has been accused by Rae Beazer of pushing her in the chest.
Beazer said the incident occurred on February 27 when she went to collect five cleaning items from the Barbuda Relief tent, as signed off on by Major Michael.
Beazer said the soldier gave her four of the five items and when she asked for the remaining one that was in plain sight, the soldier allegedly pushed her.
“He said that is all that was there and so I said to him that the one that you missed is right there, and so as I proceeded to walk toward the cleaning product, he stood up in front of me, he put his arm right in front of me and he pushed me on my chest. As soon as he did that I said, ‘excuse me, you have just pushed me’,” Beazer said, adding that the soldier immediately denied touching her.
Beazer added that the soldier then ordered her out of the tent, but, she refused to leave until she received the assigned cleaning product.
She said the soldier then tried to close the tent with her still standing inside and it was only after other people who were outside the tent spoke up on her behalf that he eventually let her out of the tent.
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