INTERPOL probes kidnapping claim involving a couple in Barbuda

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The alleged victim of a kidnapping which was reported to INTERPOL and police in Antigua & Barbuda, is calling on her father to stop pushing the report as she denies the claim that her fiancé has her confined in Barbuda.
Akielah Pinnock, in an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media, said she learned of the kidnapping report on Saturday when the police visited her Codrington home and asked her to present herself to the station today to make a statement.
The 26-year-old mother of one, said her father is aware she’s staying in Barbuda with her fiancé Brad Frank whom she has been dating since 2013 and is set to marry in August this year. Pinnock said she and Frank have been traveling between Barbuda and Canada and have met their families, who are aware of their relationship.
The Jamaican-born Canadian citizen said she travelled to Barbuda in December 2016 on a ticket to return to Canada in April this year, but decided to extend the time because she wanted her six-year-old daughter to complete the school term.
“The Commissioner of Police in Antigua called the police in Barbuda who came and told me my parents are concerned about me being kidnapped but the police here see me every day and they know that is not the case but they are just doing their job,” she explained.
“I have not been kidnapped…[my dad] called me [in April] and I told him we are coming back up when she is finished school and that is at the end of June…. He called me again and we got into an argument and from since then we haven’t been talking and now the police are coming and telling me I have been kidnapped. I believe [my dad] feels I am not coming back up there so he is trying to find another way to get me up there,” the young woman added.
Pinnock said she hopes the situation does not ruin her relationship as she said she reached out to her mother yesterday to ask for her intervention.
“This is just ridiculous, my dad knew I was coming, he paid for my ticket and I did pay him back when I got the money. It is ridiculous and I didn’t think he would go to such an extent and those types of accusations are serious,” she said.
Pinnock said she will report to the police as requested at 9:30 am today, but not under their terms, amongst which is to not take her fiancé along.
She said she has already advised the police she wants her fiancé there because they do not have secrets and whatever she has to say, will be said in his presence.
Frank, 28, who also spoke exclusively with OBSERVER media said, “You talked to her, did she sound like somebody who is kidnapped…. We have problems now and then but we get over it…. Barbuda is too small for that type of thing and I am not that type of person. What people coming and saying to me now is just news to me.”
The young man confirmed that the police visited their Codrington home on Saturday. He also said that he has nothing to hide and will not impede the investigation.
Sources close to the matter confirmed to OBSERVER media that INTERPOL contacted local police, seeking assistance to investigate the matter.
Pinnock said despite what her father has done, she hopes the consequences for his actions are not harsh and he could move on.

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