International: Priest performs socially-distanced baptism on baby using water pistol

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(Irishpost) – WHEN IT comes to social distancing, the Church has got it covered. 

In recent weeks we’ve seen Men of the Cloth getting seriously creative to ensure their parishioners can worship the Lord in relative safety. 

Innovations have included car park confessions and drive-by blessings delivering via water pistol. 

Now a priest in the US has unveiled the latest innovation designed to ensure life gets back to something approaching normal while maintaining a strict two-metre distance from one another. 

In a picture widely shared around social media, an unnamed clergyman can be seen baptising a young child using another water pistol. 

And anyone thinking this might be a spoof or anomaly is wrong. 

Another priest in Canada has already adopted the same super soaking approach to christenings. 

While the practise is immersive to say the least, there are some who have criticised the use of water pistols in the church as comical and, at worst, disrespectful. 

However, priests in Ireland have already warned that an immediate return to normal practices like public Masses at this critical stage potentially leading to a loss of life. 

Given the need to maintain distance while ensuring the public has the right to practice their religious beliefs, priests across the Emerald Isle could soon be following the example of their American cousins. 

Like the old adage says, God moves in mysterious ways.  

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