Inter-Schools mini-tennis hampered by lack of equipment

The Inter-schools mini-tennis competition, which involves only four primary schools, is been hampered by lack of equipment said tennis organiser Larry Michael.

Speaking with OBSERVER Sports on Tuesday, Michael said only four primary schools are presently involved in the programme simply because these schools – St John’s Lutheran, Greenbay, St Andrews and Golden Grove – have a limited amount of equipment.

Michael said that the Inter-schools mini-tennis programme was introduced by the International Tennis Federation through the national association and the government in 1998 for pupils aged 12 and under, but 13 years later, little or nothing has been done.

He said over the years, these four schools managed to survive with what little equipment they have.

According to Michael, the programme was designed for all primary schools and the equipment was to be utilised for training before the students were tested in competitions.

This year, the programme started with the four schools, but had to be postponed mainly for the Easter vacations in March. However, since then due to consistent rain, the programme has not restarted as yet and there is uncertainty over its resumption.

Michael said the programme needed to expand and he is calling on the national association and the Ministry of Sports to get it right.