Innovative shop for you service offered to locals

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By Machela Osagboro

Young Antiguan Female Entrepreneur offers innovative shopping service to Antiguan and Barbudans who are unable to visit the supermarket on their own.

The 24-year-old, Melissa Baird shared with Observer that she started the business a mere three weeks ago and it has taken off like wildfire.

“For the past two weeks the response has been overwhelming in such a short period of time and persons are so grateful for this business and it gives us a sense of pride that we can do this for them”.

Personal and online shopping services are becoming  the new norm of shopping in Antigua and Barbuda and the local Enteprenuer said  that she is so grateful that people have responded so positively to her business and the service that she offers in this new time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Baird described the services that she offers as personal shopping experience.

“Our customers feel as if they are actually there, we do this by engaging they while we are shopping, we let them know what is available and if their item is not available, we give them options. So, they feel as if they are actually there.

The businesswoman stated that the business scene is changing so fast that her service is providing people with a valuable and interactive option that will protect them and their loved ones as well as keep a few people employed.

She said that the service is easily accessible for older persons who are not as tech savvy. These persons can simply take a picture of their shopping list and send to the WhatsApp number.

Baird added that she employs a total of five persons who currently shop at Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy and First Choice supermarkets  for the goods and then deliver these goods to her clientele .

The payment option is also easy and open to a wide demographic as people who are able to pay in cash upon delivery of goods. Baird also stated that customers have a same day delivery option so that goods can get to persons in a timely manner.

“We also shop at pharmacies to bring emergency care and we operate a 15 hour per day service so persons can get their essentials”, she said.

The female entrepreneur encourages young people to focus and use the time at home to innovate and engage in a new online business venture. Other supermarket outlets like CostPro has begun to offer delivery option.

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