Inmate dies at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre following prison altercation

front 3 prison officers
His Majesty's Prison
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It has been confirmed that Ricknaldo Isaac, an inmate at His Majesty’s Prison, has passed away at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre earlier today.

Isaac had been hospitalized following an alleged altercation with another inmate and a prison guard.

The incident is said to have occurred on April 28 when Isaac, who was previously treated for an epileptic seizure, was readmitted to the hospital.

Reports suggest that the altercation began when a fellow inmate kicked a ball at Isaac, leading to a physical dispute.

A prison guard intervened to separate the inmates, and it was after this incident that Isaac had to be rushed back to the hospital.

Isaac’s father had previously stated that his son ran the risk of being paralyzed from the chest down if he did not receive necessary surgery from an overseas expert.

The extent of Isaac’s injuries and their contribution to his death have not been officially disclosed.

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